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Caritas Bazaar 2023

By 5J Martina Lee It was Sunday, November 5th, the day I volunteered at the annual Caritas Bazaar which was held in Tin Shui Wai Catholic Primary School. The volunteers and I had an incredible day! The bazaar aims to raise funds to help those in need. Gratitude must go to the teachers and students for their donations which made all this possible. Goods were collected at school a week prior to the charity sale. As we were sorting out the goods for the bazaar, I could feel the generosity of the students, parents, and teachers!

We had tons to sell and a lot of the items were very useful and even brand new. One teacher, every year, handmade items just for the sale! During the bazaar, all the student helpers worked tirelessly to sell the goods and interact with the visitors. We met parents and we explained the usefulness of electronic goods to them. And when we met the children, we showcased the toys and board games. Although it was sometimes challenging to communicate with visitors who were not satisfied with the prices, it provided us with a great opportunity to learn how to handle problems.

Moreover, many visitors left the bazaar with smiles on their faces as they found what they wanted at a good price. I believe this fundraising event is fantastic because it raised money for the poor and allowed us to spread the gospel through service. Being one of the student helpers, I have developed a deeper understanding of the spirit of “Not to be served but to serve.” It was heartwarming to see all of us working together to contribute to this event and to serve.

We shall always remember: “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” — St. Mother Teresa.

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