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Man Kwan Education Fund Scholarship – Pursuing Excellence and Beyond 2023

5J Matthew Wong was nominated for the Man Kwan Education Fund Scholarship “Pursuing Excellence and Beyond Award Scheme” and was awarded the Outstanding Student award. The Scheme is jointly organised by the Man Kwan Education Fund and the Fung Hon Chu Educational Trust, and supports the learning and development of local gifted students, encouraging them to pursue excellence and continuous improvement. Read on to see what Matthew has to say about his experience: “The ‘Pursuing Excellence and Beyond’ scheme has transformed me in an array of aspects. To start with, it has honed my presentation and communication techniques.

From the interview, highlighted by a group discussion revolving around the virtues perceived from reading an article, to the day camp, which engaged us in a lot of group activities, communication was an indispensable part in both cases. Presenting my ideas clearly and directly not only helps with spreading my thoughts across, but also shows my ability to organise my thoughts, a strength that is heavily emphasised nowadays. Another aspect this scheme has polished is our teamwork and leadership skills. I still remember an arrow-shooting event in which the team with the most surviving players won.

The great guys would not only manage to keep themselves on the field—they would also direct the game plan and helps others execute it. In our society, those who could step up and lead a team to success are rare, but that is what makes them valuable. This scheme has provided me with the golden opportunity to brush up the aforementioned skills and I am sure that I will sustain them! I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Tang and Mr Manchester for nominating me to participate in this activity. I would also like to thank the Man Kwan Education Fund and the Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund for giving me the award.

Shungtakians, treasure every opportunity that allows you to break your limits and invest in yourselves. You will never know how strong and capable you are if you only confine yourselves in your comfort zones!”

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