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Picnic Day 2023-2024

After the Organised or Uniform Test, we took a break from our busy school lives and enjoyed ourselves in nature on 27/12, our first Picnic Day after the pandemic. Everyone had fun without masks at different campsites. The F1 students went to Tai Mo Shan in Tsuen Wan, while the F2 and F3 students had a great time in Sai Kung, at the Tak Mong Tsai campsite and the Wong Shek Public Pier, respectively. They brought their own food for a picnic and shared it in groups. Some of them even had their first secondary school barbecue. The senior form students chose their own destinations, engaging in activities different from the others. This allowed them to have their own secret, precious time with the whole class. Some played with sand at Butterfly Beach in Tuen Mun, while others enjoyed games at their campsite. The Picnic Day took us away from stress and filled us with fresh air. It helped us relax and share joy with our classmates.

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