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Spead the Love and Warmth: Mooncake Giveaway 2023

By 5J Yukiko Chung September 23rd was a memorable day as we visited the Tin Chak Estate to distribute mooncakes to the elderly. This gesture allowed us to share the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival with a group of individuals who deserve our care — the elderly in our society. Our first visit was to an uncle who lived with his wife. Despite having children, they were not living with them. The second visit was to an elderly lady who spoke the Chaoshan dialect, a language unfamiliar to us. We struggled to understand every word but we did learn that she had fallen and injured her hip during a trip to Wan Chai but managed to return home alone despite her injury. The third visit introduced us to a 92-year-old lady with a serious hunchback and various other health issues. She relied on her wheelchair and received support from Caritas and Hoh Fuk Tong for her meals. Conversations with all of them shed light on the existing problems in society, such as limited resources in medical treatment and the loneliness and desperation experienced by those in need. This experience served as a reminder of the loneliness of the elderly, even those with family. Our awareness of their needs is crucial, and we must remember that each small act of kindness is an essential step towards creating a society where no one feels forgotten or excluded. Let us begin by reaching out to the elderly in our immediate vicinity! Through our collective efforts, we can foster a caring society where no one is left behind.

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