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Drumlines Fight 2023

Recently, our school marching band, Hunter has joined the Drumlines Fight 2023 was held by the  Hong Kong Special Region Drum Corps & Marching Band Association. Our team did a great job and got magnificent results in both the Show-off Competition and the Drumline Battle. The members are as follows:

S22M Kelvin Chan, Angela Tse, 2P Chloe Ko
S33J Michael Cheung, 3L Ziv Leung, 3P Daisy Chan, Nicole Tjhin
S44L Andy Huang, 4P Crystal Sze
S55J Ashley Tong, 5L Raymond Liu, 5M Marcus Kong, Abbie Yu, 5P Grace Ng, Shanshan Shiu and Yoyo Shin.

Our team got the Gold Award in the Show-off Competition, the Best Bass Line, the Best Snare Line and the Overall Champion.

Congratulations to our Marching Band, Hunter!

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