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Food Wise Ambassador Certificates and Badges Presentation

A quick question for all of you. How many tonnes of food waste do you think schools in Hong Kong produce in total per annum? The answer may be surprising to you as schools in Hong Kong produce 15,000 tonnes of food waste every year. This amount of food is actually enough to fill more than 30 million lunchboxes.

To help alleviate the food waste problem in our school, we have established a team of Food Wise Ambassadors. Not only do the ambassadors help us with collecting our scraps, but they also process them and turn them into fertilisers which can be used by participants of the little gardeners programme.

As we embark on a fresh start to the new school year, may we show recognition to the students who served us as Food Wise Ambassadors last year. The Food Wise Ambassadors demonstrated the spirit of servant leaders as they prioritise taking care of our environment and raising awareness of Shungtakians on food waste management problems. They put Jesus’ teaching “to serve but not to be served” into implementation. Last year’s Food Wise Ambassadors are:

4JJacky Chung, Ryan Lee, Fiona Liang
4LAndy Huang
5JYukiko Chung
6JCherry Chui
6LJessica Cheng, Joe Cheung, Crystal Choi and Cindy Long

Apart from showing appreciation to last year’s Food Wise Ambassadors, we also present badges to this year’s Food Wise Ambassadors to pass on the spirit of the team. They are:

2MHenry Tse
3JMilly Cheuk, Natalie Tse
3LChantel Ou-Yang, Ian To
3MJohn Chuang
3PElla Wong
4JRyan Lee and Jacky Chung

Shungtakians, let’s cooperate with the Food Wise Ambassadors and contribute to building a carbon neutral learning environment. Let’s all show them the appreciation they deserve and work with them to make Shung Tak a more sustainable school.  

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