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Health Ambassador Certificates and Badges Presentation

The members of the Health Ambassador Team, which started serving us in 2021 as a measure to combat the prevalent COVID-19. Even though we are less worried about the pandemic, we still need them to be the guardians of our health and ensure that our school environment is healthy and virus-free. 

As we mark the beginning of a brand-new school year, we would like to thank last year’s Health Ambassadors who served our students with dedication and diligence. Last year’s Health Ambassadors are: 

3PSam Wong
4J Jacky Chung, Ryan Lee, Fiona Liang, Ceci Lui
4LLillian Lin, Crystal Poon, Lavin Wan, Andy Huang.
4MKassandra Tang, Sarah Mai and 
4POscar Ngai
5JVanessa Chan, Yukiko Chung, Cheryl Ho, Tiffany Ho, Shirley Huang, Martina Lee, Cleo Tsui, Matthew Wong.
5LRocky Chu, Brian Ou, Bobby Tu.
5MHayden Chan, Marcus Kong, Andree Lee.
5PSisley Cheng, and Grace Ng.
6JCherry Chui, Kaki Huang, Donald Li, Jenny Yuen.
6MRumi Leung, Sky Wu, Tony Zhang, Mike Liu and
6PGary Yim.

Apart from appreciating the effort of Health Ambassadors during the previous school year, we also present badges to this year’s Health Ambassadors. They are:

4JJacky Chung, Ryan Lee, Fiona Liang
4LLavin Wan
4MSarah Mai
5JYukiko Chung, Cheryl Ho, Tiffany Ho, Cleo Tsui, Matthew Wong
5LRocky Chu, Brian Ou, Bobby Tu
5MMarcus Kong, Anne Tai and
5PGrace Ng.

Shungtakians, do thank our Health Ambassadors for their hard work when you see them in the morning. They are crucial in maintaining a healthy environment for all of us. Let’s all appreciate our ambassadors’ contribution and join hands with the team in creating a greater learning environment for each and every Shungtakian. Thank you!

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