Message from the Principal

the 65th Anniversary of
Shung Tak

Welcome to the 65th Anniversary Webpage of Shung Tak Catholic English College.

Shung Tak will soon be celebrating its 65th birthday, which marks a momentous moment for its students, teachers, parents, alumni, and friends.

Rooted in Yuen Long, Shung Tak has always been known as a stellar school renowned for its students’ English and strong academic performance, as well as for the proud promotion of Catholicism and values education. With the solid foundation laid by our predecessors and the diligence of their successors, Shung Tak has continued to excel in different areas, achieving commendable results in the HKDSE as well as in local and national competitions.

The College has endeavoured to continue in the development of other learning experiences to further enrich the lives of our students. Some of these experiences, works, and skills were showcased during our Info Day 2022 that recently took place. To better assist our students in reaching greater heights and expanding on their experiences in the world, the College builds strong networks with other schools in Yuen Long, the Mainland, and the world. These relationships enable the possibility of valuable interactions and the facilitation of study tours and dialogue that truly prepare our students for the challenges ahead.

The upgrading of school facilities continues to support learning and teaching. Recent improvements made include the setting-up of a STEM Coding Space; the repainting of the school building; upgrading the Computer Room; and the setting-up of smartboards in the classrooms. What is in the pipeline is the refurbishment of the Staff Room and Meeting Rooms, installation of a St Benedict icon, and the painting of murals depicting scenes from biblical stories. Shung Tak is excited to share all its achievements in the forthcoming Anniversary Celebrations.

Our 65th Anniversary provides us with opportunities to recall the past and reflect on the years ahead. We look forward to strengthening our bonds with our stakeholders and the community of Yuen Long while fostering relationships with new partners.

In celebration of our 65th Anniversary, the STC Anniversary Committee has planned a series of events, some of which would give you the opportunity to catch up with old friends while sharing the joys and achievements of Shung Tak. Below are the highlights of our Anniversary Celebrations.

    • 65th Anniversary Logo and Slogan Design Competitions
    • 65th Anniversary Founders Day, Opening Mass cum Opening Ceremony
    • 65th Anniversary Shung Tak Alumni Education Foundation Fund-raising Activities
    • 65th Anniversary STChallenge, Open Day cum Cultural Performance
    • 65th Anniversary Primary School Invitational Competitions
    • 65th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass cum Blessing of the St Benedict Mosaic, 65th Anniversary Mural, Wall of Biblical Stories, Staff Room, STEM Coding Space and Computer Room
    • 65th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner

Come and share the joys and works of Shungtakians as you peruse the pages of this 65th Anniversary Webpage.

God bless.


Dr Cecilia Tang


Message from the Organising Committee of the 65th Anniversary Celebration

It’s happening! Another milestone is soon upon us! The coming November will see the arrival of Shung Tak Catholic English College’s 65th Birthday! It is no surprise that we are already in the process of ringing in a series of key events in preparation for this momentous occasion - the 65th Anniversary Celebrations of Shung Tak Catholic English College.

Shung Tak was founded with the aim of providing an English education for the small town of Yuen Long and, with the backing of Caritas and the Catholic Church of Hong Kong, this dream became a reality in 1958 when we opened at our first campus at Ss Peter and Paul Church. Throughout the past six-plus decades, Shung Tak has continued in the tradition of providing a quality education for all students that have walked the corridors of STC and has given them the key to a better future.

With Catholicism and English as the pillars of the education that we provide, we shall do our founders and predecessors proud as we continue to work to provide Shungtakians with the opportunity to learn and grow academically, emotionally, and socially as they learn and interact with their peers and our teachers. We shall continue to give each child a nurturing environment as we instil in each student a love of learning and the opportunity to develop his/her own identity as a citizen of the community of Yuen Long, Hong Kong, China, and the world. Becoming a citizen in this globalised world is crucial since the world is getting smaller as it becomes more interconnected each day. With this in mind, Shung Tak shall continue to uphold our tradition of introducing our students to a variety of people, cultures, and ideas that they may not have the opportunity to encounter in their daily lives.

As we reflect and reminisce on days gone by, let us also look forward to all the experiences yet to come. Come join us on our journey of celebration through this webpage and in-person for the many activities that we have in the works for our 65th Anniversary.

The fun and excitement begins with the English and Chinese logo and slogan competitions which start on 14th February 2023, and for the official kick-off ceremony on our Founders Day on Tuesday, 28th November 2023. 

We look forward to seeing you by our side as we open another chapter in our Shung Tak legacy.

The Organising Committee