Curriculum of S4

Shung Tak works on offering a curriculum for students with different abilities, interests and aptitudes. The aim of this broad and balanced senior secondary curriculum aims to prepare students for future challenges.

Apart from taking the four core subjects (Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies), students can choose 3 or 4(when choosing Applied Learning courses, Music, PE and other language) elective subjects in Secondary 4. These elective subjects can be chosen from NSS elective subjects of different Key Learning Areas, Applied Learning courses and/or other language courses; which break the barrier of traditional arts and science streaming.

As a Catholic school, all students must take ERE (Ethics and Religious Education).  Students also must take 2 periods of PE.

Through the participation in Other Learning Experiences, students can acquire learning experiences of moral and civic education, community services, physical and aesthetic education and career-related experiences.

The knowledge and learning experiences in NSS curriculum are broader and richer than previous curricula. Students' pathways for further education and employment are thus more diversified. The new curriculum can also foster a broader scope of views and life-long learning abilities for students.