Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the updated website of our School, Shung Tak. Accompanying this facelift are the School’s major concerns for the next development cycle 2021-2024.

The many records broken in the 2021 DSE are testimony to the hard work of Shungtakians and their teachers. In keeping with our school motto, “Ora et Labora”, our students made it through again with flying colours. Academic achievements aside, we also take great pride in offering our students a wide range of extra-curricular activities where they are able to unleash their potential, and develop their leadership and other key qualities to the fullest.

As we usher in a new three-year development cycle, a new vision and a growth mindset will surely set us on a path to continuous improvement and sustainable development. The two major concerns for STC in 2021-2024 are:

Major Concern 1:
- To further consolidate the generic skills of our students to enable them to become reflective learners

Major Concern 2:
- To further inculcate the Catholic core values through service learning

In an ever-changing world driven by technology, students need to be equipped with generic skills to help them adapt well to changes. Equally important, being reflective in learning helps them to understand their strengths, weaknesses, limits, desires, and dislikes. Self-awareness is not only significant for learning; it is often a prerequisite to effective communication, interpersonal relationships, and the cultivation of empathy.

And yet, with this technological age comes a paradox - the more technology advances, the more distant humans may become with one another. In the face of this, we must seek to reach out to the community to build and to strengthen our relationship with others. By serving the community, one can practise empathy, experience human touch and love, gain friendship, and understand the meaning of life.

I hope that, as you click onto the pages of our updated website, you will share the joy of our students and have a snapshot of their colourful school life in Shung Tak.

May the Lord continue to guide us and bless us in the years to come.

Dr Cecilia Tang