Welcome to Shung Tak Catholic English College.
"Sixty years of sow and plough, let's celebrate the home of the crowd. Say it out, say it loud, this is the school that makes us proud!"
(STC's 60th Anniversary Slogan)

Guided by Saints Peter and Paul, our Patron Saints, and sustained by Shungtakians, Shung Tak Catholic English College is full of love and care, happiness and excitement. The colours of life that fill the campus can be discovered on our website.

STC is committed to providing opportunities for the whole-person development of our students. We put a strong emphasis on achieving academic excellence, nurturing values and grooming our students to be servant leaders who possess strong language competence, independent and critical thinking, a strong social awareness and a global vision.

While the College is inculcating the core values of "Truth", "Justice", "Love", "Life" and "Family" like other Catholic schools in Hong Kong, STC is also ardently promoting service íV school service, community service and religious service. We also promote Excellence in academic achievement and strong language skills. To further develop our students' talents and unleash their potential, they are provided with myriad opportunities to participate in academic and non-academic activities, OLE (Other Learning Experiences), excursions and competitions. With decades of efforts, I am also pleased to see our hard work yielding fruits íV we see love, care, compassion, respect and self-discipline (discipline) in Shungtakians. We take pride in having a strong team of teachers who are committed and dedicated and students who are committed (commitment) in their studies and activities.

In our new School Development Plan 2018 íV 2021, we have set out 2 major concerns. They are,

Major Concern 1: To provide a learning environment that further fosters self-regulated learning skills and attitudes that build self-confidence and encourage excellence.
Major Concern 2: To learn from Christ and nurture servant leaders who show love, care, compassion and respect for others.

With our School Development Plan 2018 íV 2021, together with the new major concerns of the school, we will continue to provide our students with quality education which prepares them to become citizens with independent thinking and full social awareness so that they will continue to play a positive role in the ever-changing world.

The website will also provide you snapshots of life at STC and I am sure you will be impressed by the work of Shungtakians and their journeys when you read through our website. The website will also provide a lot of valuable information on the work and expectations of our College.

In keeping with the school motto, "Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)", all teachers, students, parents and alumni will endeavor to work together to provide quality education for our students for generations to come. As the new Principal of the College, I will continue to build on my predecessors' good work and with the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, bring our College to new heights.

May God continue to guide us and bless us in the years ahead.

Dr. Cecilia Tang