Welcome to Shung Tak Catholic English College’s website. If you take some time to go through our website, I am sure you would agree that we at Shung Tak are truly blessed. 

With "Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)" as our school motto, we encourage our students to do their best in academic pursuits and glorify God with their work. Our mission is to provide the 900 students entrusted to us with a quality education which prepares them to become citizens with independent thinking and full social awareness, thus playing a positive role in the ever-changing world.

Strong emphasis has been placed on bilingualism, an important objective of the college, along with the enhancement of knowledge and basic skills that will enable our students to better face the cultural diversity and global demand.

We are truly grateful that our students are able to demonstrate continued standards of excellence in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examinations. Apart from helping our students scale greater heights, we are committed to fostering holistic development of our students by cultivating in them not only the Catholic core values of Truth, Justice, Love, Life and Family, but also in them a strong sense of social responsibility. We pray all Shungtakians would become assertive, caring, responsible and respectful persons, being able to meet challenges in life and making contribution to society.

It is truly a credit to the staff, students, parents, alumni and friends of Shung Tak that we continue to operate so effectively in the midst of so many educational and social changes. I truly believe that the same resolute determination, support, and loyalty from all stake-holders which have been the trademark of our Shung Tak community for the past fifty-six years will also help us continue to achieve our goals, maintain the level of excellence we have come to expect, and ensure its continued service to the community for many, many more years to come.

May the good Lord bless all of our efforts and the growth of Shungtakians during the upcoming school year and beyond.

Joseph Kung