Principal's Messages

Principal’s Message on the Feast Day of St. Peter and St. Paul

29th June 2020

Dear Shungtakians,

In the Liturgical Calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, 29th June is a special day, for, on this day, we commemorate the sacrifice of two saints - Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

St. Peter and St. Paul are key spiritual leaders of the Church. Both of them possess qualities and attributes that we can emulate, in particular, ‘perseverance’ and ‘resilience’ - the themes of our morning prayers in June.

From a fisherman to a pillar of the church, St. Peter continuously yet tirelessly preached in Jerusalem with perseverance. He didn’t give up his mission even in the face of insults and persecutions, for he was in the firm belief that whatever he did, it was done for God. He was crucified in Rome. To him, martyrdom is not suffering, but testifying and an honour. To those who belong to the Yellow House, you have a very special connection with St. Peter, for he is also the patron saint of the House you belong to.

St. Paul, though not one of the 12 apostles, heartily preached to the non-Jews after his conversion. As the Apostles of the Gentiles (non-Jews), St. Paul experienced repulsion and condemnation by the conservative Jews and at the same time rejection from the Gentiles, yet his perseverance served him well in bringing good news to people of different races. His resilience enabled him to write seven letters which became part of the New Testament. The letters he wrote carry important messages about faith and salvation.

Like the two great apostles, we also have our missions. Today as we honour the great works of the two great apostles, let’s not forget how we can also be like them in our lives. Yes, we can be like them. We all have the makings of a saint and we need to work on putting them into practice – whether in the face of despair, difficulty or adversity. Ask St. Peter and St. Paul to intercede for us in the most trying of moments when we are most in need of strength and power to carry on with our work and life.

St. Paul and St. Peter were flesh and blood. Like them, we, too, face difficulties in life. Instead of hoping for a life free of difficulty, set our mind to thinking what we can do to strengthen our will in attaining worthwhile goals in life.

Thank you and God bless,

Dr. Cecilia Tang