Principal - Mr. Joseph Kung Kwong Pui

Prize Presentation Ceremony

Good morning, School Managers, teachers and Shungtakians.

One year ago, on this occasion, I was introduced to all of you as the incoming principal. I would like to say thank you to each of you here for your support in helping me ease into my role as the principal pretty smoothly. The various school events that I have attended, the dialogues that I have had with some of you, the very warm smiles that you wear every day and the Shungtakian spirit that I have been introduced to all add up to a very exciting and remarkable start for me as the principal here.

One year on, I canˇ¦t help but be amazed at how much we have achieved together over the year. The prize presentation ceremony today is a fitting occasion for us to recollect, to rejoice and to count our blessings. The active engagement in extra-curricular activities and competitions of many of you speaks for itself. Beyond personal glory and victory, those were the moments where you identified with the school and where you learned what shared success is. I take pride not only in the achievements you have made, showing us everything is possible, but also in the hard work that you have put in ˇV in developing your strengths and potential, in achieving your dream and in igniting the motivation of those around you. The very example you set ˇV is equally commendable. Well done, Shungtakians!

At Shung Tak, we set our sights high and we aspire to be better every day. This aspiration is inextricably linked to our school motto ˇ§Ora et Laboraˇ¨. The dignity with which we work and live our lives in pursuit of excellence reflects our staunch belief in hard work. It is this enduring belief that carries us on even in times of toil and trouble.

As we celebrate our success, let us now take a moment of silence to recall who have made all this possible ˇV the ones that we would like to say thank you to. To our teachers, thank you for helping our young people develop their potential, achieve all they can and become better persons. Their growth is the most telling evidence of your passion and persistence. You are all great teachers ˇV for you do not just teach; you educate and inspire.

Our sincere thanks also go to your parents who have been loving and supportive all along. Take some time this summer and share with them what you have achieved this year and how much you are proud of being who you are.

To end, I hope all of you remember what I said at the first assembly, ˇ§all things are possibleˇ¨. Belief in oneself and a can-do spirit are what it takes to excel and to move ourselves from good to great. Today, what is important is not whether you have a chance to set foot on this stage, but whether you have enjoyed this whole year of experience and how well you see it as helping you achieve more in the days to come. To quote Estee Lauder, ˇ§I never dreamed about success; I worked for it.ˇ¨ Letˇ¦s do our very best in the fervent hope that God will do the rest.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. Cecilia TANG
12th July 2019