Principal - Mr. Joseph Kung Kwong Pui

Welcome Back after School Suspension

Good morning, Teachers and Shungtakians.

A very warm welcome back!

It has been 4 months since your Interim Exam. I thank the Lord that all of you have returned safe and sound, and are ready for the challenges ahead.

Over the last 3 weeks before your return, we have been conducting deep cleaning on the school campus and have stocked up on enough disinfection materials for everyoneˇ¦s use.

COVID-19 has brought us unprecedented changes and have drastically changed the way we go about our daily lives. The many adaptations that we have had to make - whether it is in remote learning, home office or social distancing ˇV meant we have all been doing our bit in contributing to the improved situation of Hong Kong. Online teaching and learning could have been daunting to begin with but as Robin Sharma puts it, ˇ§change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.ˇ¨ I am sure, by now, teachers and students should have got the hang of things as far as online teaching and learning are concerned. I am sure some good effort has been made and our experience over this extraordinary time should mean in one way or another some substantial growth ˇV whether it is in self-discipline in learning, mastery of new digital applications or a strengthened sense of self-directed learning.

During school suspension, I was in close contact with teachers and was pleased to learn from them that most of you have been trying your very best in adapting to all the challenges that were thrown at us. The Performance Awards, introduced during class suspension, are a form of recognition of your effort and the rewards of hard work definitely go beyond the award. Keep on the good habits that are taking shape or which have been formed and continue to aim for a solid foundation of your knowledge.

To the lost sheep, we have always been working to ensure that you have the support, resources and guidance you need to catch up and make up for lost time. The coming months are going to make or break you. Itˇ¦s time to bite the bullet before itˇ¦s too late. Our school motto, ˇ§Ora et Laboraˇ¨, pray and work will be your guide before the Final Exam.

Before I finish, I would like to invite you all to join me in paying tribute to our medical workers and healthcare experts for keeping us safe; to our teachers, office staff and janitors for taking care of us and the school; as well as many unsung heroes who have been going above and beyond during this extraordinary time. While saluting their dedication, we should also reflect how the good examples set by them could leave an impact on us in being persons for and with others, in putting ourselves out there when the times call for it.

Let us pray that learning and teaching on campus will be back to normal and that everyone will be able to avail ourselves with the remaining time of the school year.

Good health and God bless.

Dr Cecilia TANG