Music is important for Kids ?

The importance of music to kids has long been debated. For philosophers like Plato, music is of vital importance as the patterns of music and all arts are, for him, the keys to learning.

Sports is for the health of the body and music is for the health of the mind.

Music provides a means of communication and expression of culture and individual identity and at Shung Tak music becomes part of the identity of many of our students. It is this day to day encounter with music that has moved them and helped them grow as individuals.

Music teaches fundamental life lesson and we are glad that many here at Shung Tak  have taken their learning and God given talent further by participating in many activities, competitions and also community service events. Our performance, for example, at Hong Kong Disney has now become a mainstay of Christmas at Disney. In fact, we were the first school to be part of HK Disney’s Performing Arts Programme, something we are proud of.

The Music Department also continues to enroll hundreds of students yearly in the Hong Kong Music Festival and other music events throughout.