Shung Tak Catholic English College


Policies, Resources and Measures Adopted in Implementing the
Whole School Approach to Integrated Education


I. Policy

Our school is committed to developing an inclusive culture through the Whole School Approach to support students with SEN. Resources are deployed to provide appropriate and diversified support to these students so as to enhance their learning and adjustment to the school life.

We treasure home-school cooperation by establishing regular communication channels to facilitate parents’ participation in the formulation of support strategies for students with SEN.

II. Resources

To facilitate our school’s support to students with SEN and academic low achievers (ALAs), the following additional resource is provided by the Education Bureau:

  1. Learning Support Grant

  2. Moral and National Education Fund

  3. Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund

  4. School-based After School Learning & Support Programme, etc.

III. Support measures and allocation of resources

Student with SEN and ALAs are provided with the following support measures:

  1. A Student Support Team headed by the senior teachers is established. The team members include the Principal, Vice-Principal, Guidance & SEN Team Coordinator, Discipline Team Coordinator, Educational Psychologist, Social Worker, School Counsellor and SEN Assistant. The SST is closely working with other departments such as the Academic Committee and the Career & Life Planning Committee.

  2. A School Counsellor is employed in the implementation of the Whole School Approach to catering for student diversity. Workshops, individual counselling and after-school training are provided for those students and their parents in need.

  3. Special Examination Arrangement is provided to students with special education needs.

  4. School-based speech therapy service is hired to offer 96 individual or group training sessions to students with speech and language impairment throughout the year.

  5. A wide range of programme focuses on mental health, sex education, life education and inclusive education as well as S.1 adjustment is organized for all students.

  6. Parent education, including talks and workshops, is organized to equip parents with better understanding of students who need special attention, and render their support in alignment with the school measures.

  7. Teachers are trained in different programmes conducted by EDB & other NGOs. These include: Implementing the Whole School Approach to support students with SEN, and special attention to teaching strategies for students with different special education needs.