Shung Tak Catholic English College


Programme Objectives


I. Inclusive Education

To integrate our students of all abilities and backgrounds and to breakdown stereotyping and social barriers by promoting understanding, acceptance, equal participation and embracing individual differences through the use of experiential learning, play and recreational activities.

II.SEN Programme

To provide a conducive, learning environment for our students with special educational needs so as to facilitate their education, help them to develop their potential to the full, enhance their independence and enable them to become well-adjusted individuals in the community.

III.Mental Health & Life Education

To enhance students’ self-image, to develop their life skills and to promote their psychosocial health by helping them to find the values in life, develop self-understanding and acceptance, manage emotion and stress as well as to learn interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

IV. Sex Education

To encourage our students to establish and accept the role and responsibility of their own gender by acquiring the knowledge of sex and setting up a foundation for their own future development in the acquaintance with friends and lovers or other interpersonal relationships.

V. S.1 Adjustment Programme

To give a big, warm welcome to our new Shungtakians and to help them to enjoy and accommodate into the secondary school environment through some enlightening and exciting activities organized by our senior form students and students from our Student Guidance Working Group.

VI. Parents Education

To improve the understanding of adolescents’ psychosocial health and their development and to equip the parents with appropriate skills in order for them to assist and accompany the adolescents stepping into adulthood.

VII. Development Programme

To build up students’ self-esteem and persistence, to encourage them to be self-disciplined, to recognize their own strengths and motivate them to achieve their goals in different areas through a variety of training, tutoring services, volunteering, experiential learning and recreational activities.

VIII. Class Teacher Period

Some Class Teacher Periods are planned and tailored by our Guidance Team based on the needs of our students of the year.  It is to provide a more positive learning environment to our students and to establish a strong teacher-student relationship by strengthening the role of the class teachers.