Shung Tak Catholic English College




Our students’ psychological welfare is of great importance when it comes to becoming all-rounded students. Under the care of the Student Guidance Working Group which is run by students, the social worker, educational psychologist and guidance teachers, we make it our business to ensure students have opportunities to develop their character and cope with school and everyday life.
The Guidance Team aims to:

  • enhance students’ self-awareness and give assertive training in protecting undesirable peer influence and bad societal impact;
  • help students adjust to school life and cope with school work
  • provide guidance, support and front line intervention in helping students cope with their problems;
  • create a caring and self-fulfilling environment for learning;
  • help students develop a positive attitude towards life; and
  • enhance the school ethos and sense of belonging.


To achieve these aims, at the beginning of the school year, about 100 Secondary Three to Secondary Five students are recruited to help teachers organize activities for junior form students. Orientation programmes and quiz competitions are held in order to help Secondary One students cope with secondary school life.

In order to achieve the school’s major concerns for 2012-2015, the Student Guidance Working Group Members encourage students to participate in social services organized by Caritas and organizations outside school. The experience of “learning by serving” is believed to be very constructive and useful in preparing the Student Guidance Working Group Members for the challenges they may face in the future.