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Team building workshops can help students learn more about cooperation in a fun way!
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Students are able to let their creativity shine through joining wokshops.
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Students were able to spread love amongst school by making and giving out cards and gifts.
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Volunteer work such as visiting the elderly can encourage students to spread love among the community!

Our students’ psychological welfare is of great importance when it comes to becoming all-rounded students. Under the care of the Student Guidance Working Group which is run by students, the social worker, educational psychologist and guidance teachers, we make it our business to ensure students have opportunities to develop their character and cope with school and everyday life.

The Guidance Team aims to:

- enhance students’ self-awareness and give assertive training in protecting undesirable peer influence and bad societal impact;
- help students adjust to school life and cope with school work;
- provide guidance, support and front line intervention in helping students cope with their problems;
- create a caring and self-fulfilling environment for learning;
- help students develop a positive attitude towards life; and
- enhance the school ethos and sense of belonging.

To achieve the schools major concerns 2021-2022, students are encouraged to participate in more volunteer work and community services in order to serve the community and learn the importance of compassion and caring for each other.

SEN Academic Enhancement Group and Speech Therapy are highlighted to develop students’ independent learning and stretch their potential to the fullest. Through the academic enhancement group, it is hoped that SEN students may explore their own learning approach and are given extra academic support to deal with their school work. Speech therapy services are arranged to enhance students’ speech organizational and oral skills. Every year, Flyer Scheme is launched to develop students’ confidence in different aspects, encourage interactions and guide students to explore their own learning styles.

On the other hand, to help students uphold positive attitudes and become responsible individuals, a number of activities and programmes are planned and arranged. Student Personal Growth Group, Class Teachers Periods and Student Guidance Working Group are the highlights. Through peers and teachers’ sharing, it is hoped that positive values are reinforced and students can learn to perceive things from different perspectives. Moreover, mental health and sex education talks are organized in OLE periods to promote positive thinking and guide students to become responsible individuals. We also focus much on creating harmonious and caring atmosphere at school. A group of senior form students are trained as peer counsellors to help organise different activities to spread love, care and positive values on the school campus. More importantly, we do not only encourage students to be responsible individuals at school but also promote inclusive culture within the society. Through different inclusive education activities, students are taught to care about the people in the society.


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