English, though used as a second language in our society, we, however at Shung Tak ensure that English is our priority by providing a rich and true English environment, especially when English is becoming more and more vital to meeting the demands of the ever-changing world.

The teachers of the English Department are committed to providing every student with the opportunity:

The teachers of the department are all fully qualified to teach the subject of English. The English department has 2 department heads, 4 native English teachers who work together to give maximum input in the English language and run extra English language programmes for students with various levels of ability (Gifted Programme and Assisted Reading Scheme). All our teachers are benchmarked.

We also care about our neighbouring primary schools and so open our school to them to experience a day in English at Shung Tak with English Fun Day and Speech Contest.

To help students allocated to our school in Secondary One, we help them adapt to their new campus that uses English as a medium of instruction by offering the Bridging Course.

Our students are also very active in Outward Bound Trips, to broaden their horizons and come home with an experience of their life after a few weeks of overseas studies and cultural experience.