Shung Tak emphasises on discipline to create a safe and calm environment conducive to learning. We aim to maintain a distinguished and dignified atmosphere.
Maintaining discipline is important for both the child who has discipline problems and  well-behaved children who could really suffer in an environment where troublesome peers disrupt their learning experience.
It is with this spirit that we work on discipline at Shung Tak.

We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Bullying affects all people in the school.  Bullying can have an immense impact on a child’s life, affecting their learning, their social life and having a lasting effect on their confidence.

-General Decorum and Self Respect
We would like each individual in Shung Tak to have a great pride in being part of Shung Tak. A child’s behaviour is a huge part of this. We want our students to be smartly dressed and to carry themselves well.  We hope each person in Shung Tak can feel they are part of a successful and esteemed institution which can in turn build each  child’s self respect and confidence.