Principal・s Speech Prior to distribution of HKDSE Results

Dear Parents, Teachers and S.6 students,

DSE 2017

Today is an important day, one you have been looking forward to for a very long time. And I understand that you are waiting eagerly for your DSE results right now. Therefore I am not going to keep you long here.

First, I still want to reiterate that DSE is not a crucial factor in determining your future success but is only a milestone of your life journey. If you get a good result in DSE, it only means that you have landed on a straighter or smoother path to travel ahead than your peers. If your performance in the public examination is not so satisfactory, it only means you have to take a road, which is slightly more indirect, to achieve your goal. No matter what, the key factors of your future success are diligence and upgrading yourselves through lifelong learning. In short, your attitude determines your destiny.

I also hope that all of you have finished the .homework・ which Ms. S.M. Wong gave you during the Briefing Session held last Friday. The task requires you to prepare different options and choices to further your studies based on your different estimated scores. This would particularly be helpful for those who get results which are not within your expectations. It could be better or not as good as you have expected.

The overall DSE Examination results of Shung Tak this year is still encouraging and the overall performance is better than last year・s.

  • The overall percentage of getting Level 2 or above in all subjects is 99.1% compared to 99.2% last year ;
  • The overall percentage of getting Level 3 or above in all subjects is 93.2% (90.1% last year);
  • The overall percentage of getting Level 4 or above in all subjects is 70.4% (66.8% last year);
  • The overall percentage of getting Level 5 or above in all subjects is 28.1% (22.7% last year) ;
  • The overall percentage of getting Level 5* or above in all subjects is 11.1% (8.9% last year) and
  • The overall percentage of getting Level 5** or above in all subjects is 3.0% (2.3% last year).

Altogether 16 subjects, including English Language, Biology, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Chinese History, Chinese Language, Economics, Ethics & Religious Studies, Geography, History, Information & Communication Technology, Liberal Studies, Mathematics Compulsory Part, Mathematics Extended Part (Calculus & Statistics-M1), Mathematics Extended Part (Algebra & Calculus-M2), Physics and Visual Arts have attained 100% Level 2 or above.

Altogether 6 subjects, including English, Biology, Ethics & Religious Studies, Information & Communication Technology, Mathematics Extended Part (Calculus & Statistics-(M1) and Mathematics Extended Part (Algebra & Calculus - M2) have attained 100% level 3 or above.

For the Core 4 subjects, English and Chinese have attained 100% and 95.1% Level 3 or above respectively; both Mathematics Compulsory Part and Liberal Studies have attained 100% Level 2 or above.

99.2% (97.4% last year) and 94.3% (87.8% last year) of Shungtakians meet the entrance requirements of the sub-degree programmes (5 subjects with Level 2 or above including Chinese and English) and degree programmes (Level 3 or above in 2 languages and Level 2 or above in Mathematics and Liberal Studies and Level 2 or above in at least one elective subject) respectively.

64.2% (61.5% last year) of Shungtakians score 20 points or above in the best 5 subjects (with .3322・attained).

59.3% (56.4%% last year) and 64.2% (50.6%) of Shungtakians score 20 points or above in the 4C+1X and 24 points or above in the 4C+2X respectively.

    1 student got Level 5** in SIX subjects, she is:
  • 6P  Lam Ching Ching Mandy]L砕砕^ 6(5**) + 2(5*)
    2students got Level 5** in three subjects, they are:
  • 6J   Yan Ching Rosalynd]座釈^             3(5**) + 2(5)
  • 6L  Man Vanessa Hin Hei]ゅ塔f^         3(5**) + 3(5*) + 2(5)
    3 students got Level 5** in two subjects, they are:
  • 6P  Chan Ka Yan Yandy]劾硬Α^          2(5**) + 1(5*) + 1(5)
  • 6P  Cheng Pui Hei Raymond]G咽f^  2(5**) + 3(5*) + 1(5)
  • 6M Chow Sung Yin Sunny]PR曄^     2(5**) + 2(5*) + 1(5)

I would like to invite all of you to give a big round of applause to your devoted teachers and your beloved parents who have been working very hard in the past 6 years to help you attain such remarkable results. You and the school highly appreciate all that they have done.

Last but not least, please remember all our teachers are standing by you and sharing your joy and worries. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance and advice whenever you need, at this critical moment or in the future. We promise we will offer you help as far as we can. Please always remember, Shung Tak is your second home.

I am looking forward to seeing you with cheerful spirit on the Speech Day which is to be held on 2nd December 2017. May I wish every one of you good health and all the best in your future endeavors.

Thank you and God bless.

12/7/2017 14:24:07


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