Shung Tak is committed to fostering a learning community for all teachers and support staff. Continuing professional development is important because it ensures that we continue to be competent in our profession. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout our career or calling as teacher. We at Shung Tak encourage all members of the school community to become lifelong learners; and to be self-reflective practitioners.

The ultimate outcome of well-planned continuing professional development is that it ensures that we provide the best education to our students. The aim of the school, then, is to develop and update the skills, knowledge and attributes required to contribute effectively to high standards in student performance and sustain school improvement.

Well-crafted and delivered continuing professional development is important because it delivers benefits to   the individual teacher, our profession, our stakeholders and ultimately to the society as a whole. At Shung Tak we work to provide a wide range of continuing professional development activities that will contribute to a healthy environment in which teachers feel confident and happy to work collaboratively.

.  We also have the following aims in mind when having development at STC:

  • ensures our capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field
  • ensures that we maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills to deliver lessons well
  • ensures that we and our knowledge stay relevant and up to date
  • helps each of us continue to make a meaningful contribution to our team and be effective in the workplace
  • helps us stay interested and interesting as we are open doors to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skills
  • delivers a deeper understanding of what it means to be a teacher, along with a greater appreciation of the implications and impacts of our work.